22 June 2006

listening to: the call centre kids yakking
reading: Gough Whitlam - The Truth of the Matter
watching: nothing holding my attention now that the Amazing Race has finished.
looking forward to: going to America
depressed about: not having a fab new outfit to wear to awards night tomorrow night
guilty: not handing over my rent money before the landlords left on holidays
thinking about: going to America
looking good in: my new army pants!
hating: the cold SNAP
admiting: I like Chris Issak


issuational said...

Tell me about the cold snap...I'm freezing my arse off here. And those cracks in the floorboards at home really aren't helping.

Steph said...

You's goin to the US of A?
lucky biatch!
Bring back duty free Vodka mkay?

MelbourneGirl said...

best rice:

measure out say 3 cups rice into a strainer. rinse well.

boil kettle.

in saucepan, heat some oil (olive or vegetable. not canola, that is bad for your brain). just a little. or if you are wicked, oil and some butter.

then fry the rice in the fats, quickly is good. stir it around with a wooden spoon. then pour in same amount water as rice, turn heat up, get it boiling with lid off. then put lid on and immediately turn heat as low as possible.

leave it for 8-10 minutes. don't keep opening the lid. for best results turn off heat and leave to finish steaming for a few minutes.

works best with a heavy bottomed saucepan, otherwise the rice can stick/burn.

good luck.

Mars said...

What!? Dot, have you been asking the internet how to cook rice again?