14 June 2006

Seeing as i didn't go to work today, i haven't had my usual 7 hours worth of internet perusal time, and therefore have no idea what's going on in the world...and nothing to comment on. Reason for my sickie today was... well.... yesterday i wore my new boots to work. And they gave me a blister. A really quite devastatingly bad blister. And thus is born: issue one of the Mars Medical Journal.

Meanwhile, this picture comes to light, and i am leaning towards resting my case in relation to flag-as-cape wearing individuals. Bah!


Dot said...

hey Mars, am currently in essay meltdown so not coming home again tonight. see you Sat morn i guess but maybe not as am visiting Nan and then working all weekend.
when will i see you again!?!?!?
ps - sister made bog if you want some.

Mars said...

You done gone and left me for a faster internet connection? Fickle bitch.

You should have told me about the bog earlier. Might come and see you laterz.

lilleet said...

What are u about this seems wiered

Mars said...

Wiered? Non.

kiki said...

you know what you need for that blister?
go down to the chemist and ask for some potassium permanganate.
mix it with a bit of warm water and soak your blister in it

it will make it better, BUT it will turn your skin a yellowy colour

Mars said...

Hmm.. i dunno keeks.. that sure sounds painful.. Think i might tackle this problem the old fashioned way, and just wait for it to fix itself up. :)