15 June 2006

The Age feels the need to run these trite and mundane 'blogs'. The people who write them are clearly lacking in journalistic talent, and they have resorted to doing the age old kitsch 'expose'. And I present, Sam in the City - the ultimate dating blog. That's right, melbourne's very own answer to all relationship issues. You thought this concept was dead and defunct - you were absolutely right, it most certainly is.

Her own website spews "Samantha Brett's candid, insightful and witty observations of the dating scene...". ERRRR wrong. Samantha Brett's column is a load of re-hashed junk. In her latest insightful piece of quality researched 'journalism', she declares...

"Girls, hold on to your men. Cheating has never been so rife."

Whoa Nelly! Hold. On. To. Your. Men.? Hold on to your men.

What is it we should do, Sam? Blow-jobs, threesomes, anal, dress-ups, let his mates come over to play? Is that the way to hold on to a man? Or is it washing, cleaning, child-rearing, cooking? Perhaps it's ego stroking, pandering or dutifully bring out a beer, slippers and fluffing up cushions while he watches television?

Forget it. If he wants to cheat, go on and feck off then. I'll be buggered if i'm going to try and stop him!

Which poses the question... say i did want to hold onto a man... how does one do that? What constitutes, as a woman, looking after your man's needs?

Come on love, do us a favour and get a job behind the register at Woolworths if this is the best you can come up with. Don't insult me.


Steph said...

Ohh i loike youse. I loike youse a lot. I fecking HATE this whole "stand by your man" bullshit. Any bloke of mine cheats on me, he's going to fast become dickless. I have a sharp carving knife and wouldn't think twice about becoming Australia's answer to Lorena Bobbit!

Sweatergirl said...

Well, my friend was worried that her boyfriend was looking at too much porn so she put on lacy underwear and cooked a roast. It probbaly worked for one night.

As for Sam and the City I HATE HATE HATE her formulaic posts and the absolute morons who reply.