03 March 2007


12 Percentage of total brain cells lost last night
9 Glasses of free wine inhaled
2 Free beers consumed
2 Fights i almost found myself in (yelling, not punching - it's more klassy)
48 Tid-bits of interesting office information found out
2 Interesting office tid-bits divulged
1 Lung completely destroyed
1 Mention of David Hicks
4 Middle-Australians speaking their oh-so well informed voice on said topic
1 Number of death stares given to someone doing the Aussie, Aussie, Aussie
1 Colleague came out of the closet
14 Annoying phone calls or text messages sent
1 Numbers i've had to delete from my phone to protect the innocent party from myself
2 Copies of Little Brittain lent to me yesterday
2 Copies of Little Brittain subsequently lost at the pub
1 Library book.. uh.. misplaced
1 Old work friend who turned up and i luuuurve!
3 People i really pissed off
1 Person who really pissed me off
1 Going away party i went to but don't remember anything about being there
1 Marriage proposal from dashingly good looking Scots-man
1 Dashingly good-looking Scots-man pashing my friend
0 Times i fell over (w00t!)
40 Dollars wasted in a taxi
11 Time i was asleep by

And the feeling i've got this morning is getting less and less priceless, to be honest.


Cazzie!!! said...

LOL Mars, your life sounds sooo much more interesting than mine, but wait, it was only one evening right? Wow, that is legendary :)
MAke sure you drink heaps of water and rest up.

Mr. Mitch said...

ummm, congratulations?

martie said...

Ahem. You weren't at some sort of 'industry function', were you?

Lulu said...

I feel for you. I have the worst hangover today....but luckily I don`t think I pissed anybody off!!

I can`t beleive you lost your library book!

Kris said...

Mars-Lol. I spit out my drink when I saw your profile picture. I didn't know my feet were so likeable! Lol. That photo was taken in July when I was at the beach soaking up rays near Lake Erie. Unfortunately, I wasn't near any ocean. =P

killerrabbit said...

Thats a pretty good evening. Was there any getting naked? At an old job the parties there were notorious for the men getting their tackle out and resting it on the table.

Adam said...

Any secrets told? Secret blog identity still super secret?

Kris said...

You crack me up!

Mars said...