20 March 2007

Tomorrow is Harmony Day, whatever that is. So the powers that be at work have decided to celebrate our diversity. Yeah. Anyway, so you're encouraged to wear tradtional dress up or something to celebrate your religion or some such wank. THEN (in addition to advertising "what you are") you have to bring in some foodstuffs of your nationality or heritage or WHATEVER for morning tea.


Anyway, i'm not all that creative, so i ring my friend Marge (mother of three) and ask what to do. We (she) come up with this:


So tell your friends that the trophy wife in training (me) has been up ALL NIGHT baking cup-cakes that have come out looking like giant blobs of snot.

And you know what else...

I don't have anything to wear, so i'm going as "an Australian" and wearing whatever the fuck i would otherwise wear.


So they can stick my green finger where-ever it fits.


actonb said...

Oh Marsipan! You're just too cute.
'Harmony Day is SHITE', but you still baked your little heart out...

Original Mel said...

Meat pies. You should have brung meat pies. And worn a hat with corks on it. And thongs.

Mars said...

As if i was gonna bring meat pies - yuck! and worse - microwaved meat pies!

and i am wearing fongs. my best bogan blue and white ones.

yeah. HARMONY.

(ps - baked = packet cake mix and a can of frosting.. look out martha stewart!)

kiki said...

that's the gayest day ever

i'd hate rocking up to work in a kilt and/or convict outfit

were there any hijabs?

Pomgirl said...

Have you tried one yet? Do they taste good?

That green finger really freaked me out - I had nightmare visions of The Incredible Hulk wearing an apron and holding a spatula.

meva said...

Don't be pointing that finger at me, missy. It looks like it's clawed its way from the grave.