18 March 2007

Four years ago, while living in Ireland, i had one of the most full on and best weeks of my life, ending with the highlight; St Patrick's Day. I was living with my friend, Paris, from home while in Ireland and i had two other friends who were living in Scotland at the time come over for the week. Paris and i also had two boy friends we used to go out with all the time, who were also Australians living in Dublin and they had a couple of friends of their own staying. So, the Australian contingent in Dublin was duely present and accounted for.

Now i dunno if this week was actually as good as i remember it being, or if i've glorified the event in my mind... probably the latter. Anyway, each year as many of the eight of us who were in Ireland on Paddy's Day 2003 try to get together and re-live the glory days.

And never to this day, has St Patrick's Day lived up to my expectations.

This year was no exception.

Yeah, i went to an Irish pub which had a pretty sweet set-up... yeah, there were heaps of people around i knew (although none of the original eight this year!) to get boozed up with... the atmosphere was pretty good, U2 was blaring.. there were plenty of cute Irish boys around to woo me with their lovely accent.

But i just wasn't feeling it.

So in true spirit of the occasion, i got really legless drunk.

But i still wasn't feeling it.

So i went home. Disappointed.

And have therefore come to the conclusion that; St Partick's Day (week) is only actually good in Ireland. Anywhere else and you're wasting your time... So that's it for me, i'm outta.


redcap said...

It's too much like NYE and Melbourne Cup Day. If you're supposed to be having a fantastic time, things always crash and burn. Sod's bloody law.

Chesty LaRue said...

I don't get St Patricks day, unless you're actually Irish or in Ireland. It always just reminds me of my Catholic school education and how the shamrock represents the holy trinity.

Hardly worth boozing over ...

Mex said...

i dont get it either. what with St Pats day and the bridge birthday and all that... pfft i say!