29 March 2007

Dear Dot,

My advice to you: Don't knock it till you've tried it. Banality Tuesday coming right up.

Atleast, it would be if i knew exactly what banality meant. Besides, it wasn't exactly dancing as such, more... swaying about trying now to fall over/look too spasticated. Anyway, obviously an EXTREMELY appealing look for some. As i say... don't knock it till you've tried it.

Glad you've settled in up at the wilderness. When are you meant to be getting home, anyway? Speaking of which, my friend i mentioned who is coming to stay, arrives next week. The one i met in America. Too bad you wont get to meet her, she's pretty tops. Anyway, i was wondering if she could sleep in your bed? I know i told you NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES to let anyone EVER EVER EVER sleep in my bed, but i know you're a lot less up-tight about these sorts of things that i am... If not, it doesn't matter... i'll put her in the spare room. But let me know.

Have you got the camera cord yet? Does your mum know where to find it?

No, haven't returned the library book yet. Is that bad? I'll do it on the weekend. It's cold and dark early here now, so the whole walking every night thing kinda died in the arse after the first night.

As for the bills - not sure. I'm evidently not doing a very good job at bills at the moment, as i today realised that my mobile has been barred. (hear that keeks?) Good news for the universe as the weekend approaches.

Have i re-decorated? Oh-ho-ho! There's a surprise waiting for you when you get home... JUST YOU WAIT!

In other news, i didn't get the job i applied for... probably over my head anyway, but i'm signifficantly disappointed, none-the-less. So much so, that i finally drunk those three beers that have been in the fridge for months. All in a row. Just now. And now i'm feeling a lot better/worse about the whole situation, really.

So i'm having a crisis. WHAT AM I GONNA DO NOW? I said to Marge tonight that perhaps i'd just give up on the whole having a life thing, and go and have babies. She didn't even notice how offensive the statement actually was, which amused me.

So now i feel like i have no options. i need you here to be slightly drunk with me and come to my pity party... and with any luck, point out the plethora of options that haven't occurred to me.

Hey get this; Marge went with her friend to an over 28's nightclub in Sunshine last week. SUNSHINE! OVER 28's! Anyway, the friend who looks like a hat full of arseholes managed to find four separate dudes to pash. FOUR! Now that's the final frontier.

Keep on truckin'


Mex said...

quick dude!! lets get ourselves to Sunshine lickety slpit and catch us some mega-bogan sugar daddies!

Dot said...

will post my reply on Monday (no access to internet on weekend, eh.)

just for now though...

1. yes, she can sleep in my bed, just don't let her bring any nasty backpackers home.

2. you'll be over 28 in two years.

meva said...

Is 'Over 28' a euphemism for 55? In which case: YUK!

Martie said...

Eughh. This year, it will be 'legal' for me to attend an Over 28's.

actonb said...


Even I've heard about Sunshine...

redcap said...

Oh god, 28 is a distant memory. Sniff.