19 March 2007

I was watching the Biggest Loser tonight, as i like to do... and suddenly got totally inspired! (raer)

So i waddled myself up to Safeway.

And bought donuts!

Only joking.

Or am i...?

I am, relax.

I bought all this healthy stuff for me to eat for lunch tomorrow, and dinner tonight. But now it's so goddamed late, i don't know if it's still acceptable to eat dinner, and wonder if i'd be better off with Cruskits.

Ah, the details of my life... FASCINATING.

I'm also thinking of going off the booze to help my ever-expanding cause, given that i think i killed another 10% of my brain cells this weekend.

But i like the booze.

Although i am an irresponsible train-wreck, at times.

Speaking of irresponsible train-wreck; my job (career?). I got an interview for the job i applied for later on this week.

I might get that job. Or probably i might not.

Either way, i'm going to endure yoghurt tomorrow.



martie said...

DUDE! Did you see my purple hyundai there???

Enny said...

I have spent the last two Biggest Loser interstate and alone in a hotel room, crying into my plate of wedges.

Mars said...

ohh, enny! xo welcome to my world...

and i reckon i've seen your purple excel before young martois.. but not this time, i was concentrating on the donuts.

Lulu said...

We don`t get the biggest loser here ( You don`t get many Japanese fatties) but the amount of times I say to myself...diet starts tomorrow. No alcohol. No chocolate. No bread.

It never works. EVER. I just keep getting fatter and fatter...and fatter. And am at the state now where I am even less likly to eat good and excersise.

That`s life. Facinating!

Mars said...

Lulu, i've seen your picture, and if you're fat then i'm a sumo. relax love and eat some sushi or something!

Martie said...

Also, yoghurt makes my throat crawl

Original Mel said...

Try my non-diet! It's great!! First, you get a second job. Then, you work 13-15 hours a day. You never have time to eat! And then you go on a detox for a month just when all this really stressful stuff is happening and you totally lose masses of weight by eating fucking rabbit food and drinking cranberry juice when everyone else is getting pissed and scoffing cheese platters.

*sigh* I reckon fat is the new black anyway.

Mex said...

i find TBL inspiring too. its what made me start running last year.

mind you i only went about 6 times all year until i got inspired and got a free pass to the gym! hee

Amanda said...

I think OMel's idea is good- get so busy you can't eat... now that's inspiration!

TBL makes me feel guilty, more often than not. Stupid show. But I can't turn it off... that would be too much!