28 March 2007

Dear Mars,

Pashing the boss? Dancing? Blog stalking? 31 comments on a single post? When can I expect 'banality Tuesday'?

I am liking my job a lot, and when I'm not at work I get to go swimming at Little Waterfall. I left my camera-computer-connecter-cord at home but Mum is sending it up so I can show you some photos soon.

Have you returned my library book? Do I owe you any money for bills? Have you re-decorated? Please don't.

Love Dot


Original Mel said...

No redecorating, but she is throwing a massive party this weekend, where Mex plans on dancing on your bed with dirty shoes on and I'm going to vomit in your fridge.

Oh wait, I wasn't meant to tell you that. PRetend I didn't say anything.

Dot said...

Eh. Just please don't re-arrange the magnetic letters on the fridge to say dirty things about me. I hate it when that happens.

Mex said...

not only am i going to dance on your bed in dirty shoes, but im going to take over Mars and make her MINE!


Adam said...

You sucked your bosses' face right off?

Dude, that's so freakin' illegal.

How much is Dot hoping someone writes her messages on the fridge? SO MUCH!

Mex said...

hey mars...

did the boss give you a *raise* or was it the other way around???

hee hee!

Mars said...

what's wrong with you people?

Mex said...

we're *special* mars...

just like YOU!

*points finger*

kiki said...

Dear Dot,

have you made any friends yet?
are you giving good tours of the art gallery?

how are you coping on limited alcohol?

you know how you said you needed a job when you're back? i spoke to my gay friend in the deli and he said he'd definitely hire you.


Dot said...

hi Kiki,

my boss is my only co-worker, housemate and friend. he's a nice guy, and he has a alcohol permit (which allows him to have alcohol at his house) which is good for me.

there's no gallery scene here. my job is helping with the artists, artworks and sales.

i'm probably going to spend all the money i earn on art so i'll probably need a job in a gay deli when i get back. thanks for that.

love Dot

Steph said...

It's banality fucking WEDNESDAY...or Thursday, depending. Get it right!!!