26 February 2007

Hmmm... not sure what Dot's done to the blog. i haven't been here to supervise, you see, and it looks likes she's gone a little bit STARK RAVING MAD with the pictures of Posh, Steph and the vagina.

I suspect she may have been trying to push the picture of her sunburn off the bottom of the page... poor love doesn't realise that it wont go until the end of the month.

ANYWAY, to carry on with the theme of the vagina - EXCITING NEWS; i'm just back from Tasweigia! It was an interesting weekend spent with my mum, aunty and nana.


Any longer and i would have been trying to stab myself with blunt instruments. I mean, i love them all dearly, but they're so. freakin. slow. at. everything.

So slow. You can't possibly comprehend. And i'm not even fast, by any stretch of the imagination.

And they packed so much stuff.

So much.

But all in all, i had a pretty nice time. I ate the best steak of my lifetime in the revolving restauant in Hobart and went to Port Arthur today, which was pretty cool too. And it was pretty fun driving around the city too... given that it's about the size of Dandenong.

Though, it is nice to be back in:
a) my bed
b) the traffic
c) the smog
d) the filth
that is Melbourne.

You always hear about the logging that goes on in Tassie... as best i can tell, the whole state is pretty much covered in trees. They could possibly afford to log some of them.*

*And before you start; you idiot


killerrabbit said...

Melbourne is being particuallarly delightful at the moment, the weather is good, it has rained once or twice, the bars are still there.

Everyone seems to be going to Tassie at the moment - what is the attraction?

Adam said...

Yeah, every day I feel we're losing the war on trees. The damn things just keep freakin' growing.

Adam said...

Killerrabbit, there seems to be some awesome commerical on TV for Tasmania at the moment. I haven't seen it but the peeps have been talkin'. Maybe I'm the only one yet to be brainwashed.

Chesty LaRue said...

Tassie is beautiful. I went last year. We even got good weather.

But ... not a lot to do really ...

actonb said...

Are there any revolving restaurants left in Sydney? I have a sudden desire to get dizzy while eating...