23 February 2007

It's mid-year review time at my work, and this year they've changed the scale on which we're measured.

Partially exceeded

Does anyone else have a problem with this?

How the fuck do you partially exceed at something. You either exceed, or you don't. Expectation is 100% and whether you do 101% or 900%, you've still exceeded as best i can tell.

Am i a moron. Is there any other possible way i could interpret this that makes it technically correct?

I began stating my case to my boss about how retarded the company we work for is... i just wanted him to see what i was saying and agree. He looked at me bewildered and said "Mars, just fill the fucking thing in".


Partially exceed my arse. Anyone?

Also - blogger made me furious enough to power the Delorean last night... this fucking beta rubbish will be the end of me. Why? WHY? I have zero patience at the best of times. One more upset and... and!... AND!... i'm going to TYPEPAD!


Amanda said...

Big threats Mars, big threats.

I made similar threats earlier this week.

Partially exceeded? What the hell is with that? No, you're not retarded, the company is.

Mex said...

i dont get why people are having such problems with the new blogger thing.

see? i told you i was retarded.

Mr. Mitch said...

delorean eh?

Anonymous said...

what's a typepad?


i can't sign in!?!?!? help!

- Dot

Chesty LaRue said...

What about your secret OTHER BLOG, Mars?

Does Dot know?

Will you be taking that to typepad too?

Oh, and I can't code for typepad, so you can't have my pretty template there.

(and now, on topic, yes, partially exceeded is toopid)

Mars said...

see, SHE CAN'T EVEN SIGN IN. (dot)

it's total carp.

yes, carp.


W said...

Partially Exceeded? That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard, and I work in HR.

Enny said...

What if you don't even meet them.. partially undersuceeded?!

Anonymous said...

It makes sense to me.

Exceed: 1. To go beyond the bounds or limits of. 2. To go beyond in QUANTITY, degree, rate, etc.

In this case the QUANTITY is just a little bit beyond what is expected employees to achieve. ie. partially exceed.

But then I'm just an idiot who can't sign into her own blog.

- Dot

Adam said...

Dude, take up contracting. No retarded evaluations, you just get to shout SHOW ME THE MONEY.

Aussie Rock Chick said...

Or have your girlfriend shout it for you...

PS This may be asking a bit much given the current anti-blogger climate, but would it possible to make your posts say "done by mars" and "done by dot" again? Instead of "posted by..."? That was my favourite bit. Used to giggle every time i saw it (short memory).

Mars said...

what a gross over-sight! hope it's been fixed to your liking miss cara :)