16 February 2007

And then... i wrecked my car on the letter box.

Last week, Dot's dad scraped the side of her car on our brick letterbox. Fair enough... but Mars being Mars couldn't just say nothing and move on...

"All these years; you, me, your sister and Jelly have come in and out of the driveway and never hit the damn letter box! How the hell did your dad do that?" i says to Dot...

And jinxed myself.

Coming home the other night, singing my heart to the Classic Love Songs on V Day after a wine or several... get home and scrrrrrrrrrape.

In hindsight... possibly shouldn't have driven the car home. Fool.

"I'm an idiot!" i proclaim to dad yesterday on the email...

Dad's response; "You're not an idiot. You just missed the gate"

Dear old dad, he probably came off a bit harshly in the post below this one, bless him. Anyway, that made me laugh. You're not an idiot. You just missed the gate.


DelightfulJen said...

Oh no!

Don't feel to bad, after working in car insurance for almost two years I can assure you that every person who's ever driven will do it at some point (even me [so I don't jinx myself]).

Is it just paint scratches or worse? Nevermind, everyone misses a gate very now and then :)

Chesty LaRue said...

Reason #427 why I don't drive:


Still ... heee. You gotta laugh.

kiki said...

you're a bloody idiot. you've seen the ads