29 February 2008

My Life as The Temp
by Mars

Day Four
Today, i witnessed 'Keith' organise himself a date with 'Simon'. They're meeting in 'the villiage' at 9pm tonight, because 'Keith' is doing over-time so doesn't finish work till 8. 'Keith' is bringing some red wine and 'Simon' is going to cook pasta.

'Stephen' also emailed again today. 'Keith' is a man-whore, breaking hearts everywhere he goes... Anyway, 'Keith' asked 'Simon' if he was 'ok for wizz' and 'Simon' said yeah, but 'Keith' said he was gonna score anyway for the weekend cause he used everything he had last weekend when he went to Wales and got so trolleyed he had to call in sick to work on Monday.

'Keith' also has his one month appraisal booked for Monday morning, and he's not happy about it.

Anyway... i may have made a lapse in judgement today, and in my haste to find out who the FUCK 'Keith' actually is, i asked someone. Turns out 'Keith' works in an area completely different to mine, and i would never have reason to come across him, so the question was asked why i wanted to know.

And i was outted. And then outted again later on tonight in the pub when the story got round. So not sure now how long the 'Keith' Diaries are going to be able to carry on for. At least i got to see him though... He looks normal enough.


Mex said...

HA HA SPRUNG! thats hilarious. so does this make you Temp3 now?

Angelina said...

Oh no! Why didn't you say you overheard someone talking about him in the bathroom or something and you wanted to know who he was?!

non-Blondie said...

hahaha that's awesome.
I have access to everyones calendars, and the wife of one of the managers keeps sending him 'personal' meeting reminders.
I tease him a lot!

kiki said...

you ruined this guys life...

why are his emails coming to your computer?