16 February 2008

We have a problem. (<-- worse than usual)

After extremely minor encouragement from OMel today... (in fact, i wouldn't even call it encouragement, it was more along the lines of mentioning this particular topic, and i've just run with it...) the topic of ex-boyfriend(s?) on Crackbook came up.

She mentioned that she had a few on there, and then i started with The Stalking. Again.

We all remember the love of my life! the married dude, right? Yes, well up until recently, he wasn't on Crackbook. And i know this, cause i checked. Often.

AND NOW HE SUDDENLY IS. And i've checked his profile, which has remained unchanged, approximately 76 times in the last 4 hours.

I realise that everyone has Crackbook moments like this, and it really isn't a big deal... but it kinda is in my small little life thing.


In other news... no mention of the wife type person, at all. Interesting.


Felix for Zosia said...

I think you need to start writing a list of all the things that are wrong with this guy. Trust me, it will feel horrible to start with but you basically have to re-wire your brain and it is HARD WORK. So every time you have the urge to check his profile, add another item to the list instead, or re-read what you have written already. Start with little things if you have to like "one ear slightly bigger than the other" or whatever.
You deserve sanity, and you're not letting yourself have it right now, and that is not cool. (Sorry if I sound a bit too strong - it's just that I am speaking from experience).

Mars said...

haha... that's my new mantra from now on...

i deserve sanity... i deserve sanity...

ps.. list is short

Steph said...

Nooooooooooooooo! I've just been through this with my fucking bestie and it's doing my head in!

She checks this mofo's status every ten minutes, she pokes him, sends him hatching eggs and then bites him under the guise of being a ZOMBIE, THEN she cries into her Vodka because he puts up new pics of himself and his fiancee!! Ohhh it's just a thousand shades of wrong.

Fuckedbook is the devils work!! Use it at your peril.

Mars said...

well, i guess the good news is that we're not 'friends' (or friends, for that matter) so i'm not in a position to poke, bite, stab or anything else this person.

i just get to obsessively check his lame shit profile with only one picture on it, twenty thousand times.

and hi steph... haven't seen you around for ages.

Amanda said...

I looked up both my exes a few weeks ago. One wasn't on there, but the other was. Apparently, engaged with child. But then, I despise him, so I haven't felt the urge to go back.

Just don't add him as a friend, because that'll be your real downfall. You'll never escape the evil loop if you do.


dot said...

who is this person?!?!?!?

Original Mel said...

Oh yeah, blame me.