12 February 2008

subject: trapped
Mars to me
8:46 pm (14 minutes ago)

dot, i thought it might be nice to talk to you, and i was gonna call.... but it appears i'm either locked in this house, or out of it. given that i'm in my PJ's at the moment, i'm thinking that locked in is the better option. thus and therefore... i can't go get a phonecard... SO... if you happen to be reading your email tonight, maybe you could call me? landline number is ___________ waddya think?

Awwww, that's so sweet, you're making up excuses for me to call you.
Are you reading this now in your so-call 'PJs'?

But yes, I'll call.


kiki said...

soooo... what did she say?

not that stupid near-death story again was it???

Mars said...

ZOMG! my personal private email!

i said... all sorts of stuff... you wouldn't understand, kiki.

(and yes dot, still at 12.15pm in my so called 'PJ's')