27 February 2008

My name is Mars, and i work in The Office in Slough.

There is a David Brent, i have located the Tim and Dawn. Gareth has turned 'Paki' and sits opposite me... and i, am The Temp.

Could my life be any more of a joke? I mean... really?

The parallels are uncanny.


dot said...

In the American version Tim gets promoted to another office and The Temp gets Tim's sales job.

So if the parallels continue you have a lot to look forward to.

jiminycricket said...

Well if it gets too bad, you could always relocate to France and work in

Le Bereau

Does your Gareth Keenan have an 'Investigation and Meeting Room'?

Mars said...

Fool, it's not tim in the american version... it's JIM. and (something like) that also happened in the english one.

JC... gareth isn't the most spot on character representation... it has to be david brent. there is a 'boss' there called dave, and he's a dead ringer.

Mex said...

hey mars, is his surname BRENT?