19 February 2008

So like, tomorrow* it's my birthday. Again.** And yeah, i've just moved to a city where i know... well, no-one, really. At first, i was all birthday shmirthday, i don't care, i can hack it... but now i'm having a sad sad lame attack.

I mean, there are people around... they're just not my people, geddit?

* which is today in Oz, so as of 3pm EST (4am here) i am technically 'born'... just FYI.
** aside, mexie can you believe it's been a year already? ...it's gone so fast!)


jiminycricket said...

Happy Birthday Mars!
After a few drinks everyone is your people, so drink up and have a kick ass birthday. Do it! No sad sad lame attacks. Only Kiwis have sad sad lame attacks. And you're not a Kiwi are you Mars?

Mars said...

*sniff* NO! i'm not a kiwi...

cheers JC... :)

Felix for Zosia said...

My favourite way to cheer people up is to share a story of grave misfortune suffered by someone else. My flatmate told me last night about how he and a another person he was living with got home drunk on the night of their other flattie's birthday. They hollowed out the cake and ate it so the next morning she cut into a hollow shell of sponge cake. At least nobody in the 'don knows you well enough to bother going to that kind of effort.
Happy Birthday!

dot said...

I would hollow out a cake for you Mars. I really would.