09 February 2008

Internet has proved somewhat difficult to come by in Durham... the friend i'm staying with doesn't have it in her house, and there's no Starbucks within cooee. That said, i am now a member of the Newport City Library (even though i'm back in London on Monday).

Needless to say, i'm kinda regretting putting up all those pictures of those stripper chicks.

You'd think i could have just waited till Monday for internet, huh... yeah, you'd think that.


Enny said...

Good! Those pics came up in my reader at work and I'm jumpy everytime I get a phonecall from a name I don't recognise.

IN FACT I got a call last week from a guy in IT that started with "you've been dobbed in"... though he actually meant to dobbed in to help him.

Shame on you!

PS - Hope all is well O/S! :o)

dot said...

does Starbucks have free internet in England? in the US it's a rip... wow, what amazing things you can learn through travel.

Mars said...

sorry enny... i guess now that i don't have a job i'm not as considerate and post without censorship after so many years restrained!

dotz... yeah internet in starbucks and also some mcdonalds... actually, you can pretty much just sit out on the street and pick up on someone's wireless, but every barst over here has their connections passworded! very annoying... they seem convinved they'll be hacked using their own internet connection. so, library.

Original Mel said...

There's a bar in Switzerland with free WIFI, and if you buy 4 drinks you get the 5th for free... Understandably, I've never seen much of Switzerland thanks to free beer and WIFI