04 March 2008

My Life as The Temp
by Mars

Day Seven
Nothing lasts forever (not even cold November rain)...

I wasn't busted for blabbing, however, i did go into work to find that i couldn't log on as Temp2 any more, yesterday though. Panic! So i went over to the computer chick and says i can't log on as Temp2 today and yo, can she like fix the fuck outta it cause i need to know what 'Keith's' thinking..

"Ahhh..." says she, as though it all suddenly makes sense. "There were three of you logging in using Temp2, and the system has had a melt down this morning".

QUELLE! I was not the only one reading 'Keith's' emails, it appears. Anyway, so now i'm Temp4, with my own emails. Must say, Keith's were far more interesting.

Was sitting there 'checking' again yesterday, and this dude comes over, not dis-similar in appearance to say... Les Patterson, and he's looking for a small set of shelves... rummaging around all over the office... anyway, he finally finds some he deems suitable for his purpose, over in our area. So he comes over, empties all the stuff off these shelves into piles on the floor and drags them over to where he wants them.

About 5 minutes later, Les Patterson has wandered away and this set of shelves decides to spontaneously combust and just falls apart there and then with a massive crash bang. So i looked around, and here comes Les with his face like thunder as he sees that his shelves are now in a heap on the floor. And i can't help but laugh. And giggle. And laugh some more.

Anyway, Les takes one look at me and says (verbatim)...

"Wipe that smile off your face, temp, you're not here to enjoy yourself!"

Oh no he di'nt! I hear you, i hear you. I couldn't believe it so told him that that wasn't very nice. He went about screwing his shelves back together and i went about hating on him... the nerve, referring to me as 'temp'!

Anyway, i got in this morning, and he says to me, nice as pie like... "morning Mars!"

So now i can't work out if he thought he was being funny yesterday... kinda joking or something. Surely someone wouldn't be that intentionally rude to another, would they?


Amanda said...

If he's being all friendly now, I'd say he was trying to be funny the first time. Not particularly hilarious, but I think he might have been trying. Surely people don't talk to people like that? No, they probably do.

Mex said...

hey Tempmole, come over here and file these papers. And then can you go get me a coffee? and a pie.

thanks mole

dot said...


jiminycricket said...

Haha... You've hit the awkward phase of partial acceptance. Where they kind of crack jokes, but you don't know them well enough to know if they're joking or not and they're still super awkward about talking to the new girl.
It'll pass I'm sure. Then you'll be privy to the full barrage of assholishness.