05 March 2008

My Life as The Temp
by Dot

Day Nineteen

Damn, it's just not funny any more!
My life is retracting; it's becoming small and petty and obsessive. Here's why...

‘Dot, can you sort these statements into alphabetical order?’
‘So that’s all ‘A’s then ‘B’s then ‘C’s’-’
‘I know!’

'Dot, can you file these invoices?'
'Sure. So, do you want them in alphabetical order by company or site?'
'No, just in the filing cabinets.'

PS - So it's lucky I finally got my stupid American visa and can finally start thinking about the bigger picture!


jiminycricket said...

You kids and your temp antics!
I hate people who feel they have to explain concepets like alphabetical order to other people.

Mars said...

quit your bragging about your life plans. suck it up, temp... and realise that THIS IS IT FOR YOU!

Mex said...

so youre BOTH working as Temps? this is going to get really tedious in here isnt it?

Mars said...

hey if you don't like it mexie... you know where the door is...

on ya bike!

dot said...

...and I've got so many more crazy temp happenings to share!