14 March 2008

My Life as The Temp
by Mars

Day Fourteen
I think i might get the sack.

My job over the last three weeks has pretty much been to 'check' other people's work. How was i supposed to know that someone else was 'checking' me?!

Turns out, while i've been thinking about what to have for dinner, day-dreaming about my holiday to Greece and staring at people and hating... i may not have been giving 'the job' 100% of my attention. Thusly, of the (quite literally) thousands of papers i have 'checked' someone has chanced upon two (count them - TWO!) mistakes i've made.

But they're not even really mistakes, it's just shit i was supposed to enter on a spreadsheet... but for one reason of another (concentrating on 'muffin time'?) i didn't.

At first i was all like 'whoa... this is a weird feeling i've never had before... so this is what it feels like to fuck up...' But now i'm all, 'whatever, i hate that shit job anyway'.

I've never had the sack. Wonder if i'll laugh or cry.


Mex said...

laugh in their faces dude. i mean forreal how many of these dudes are you going to see again? you could always beg for your job back in the hope that you may uncover the mystery and (dare i say it) madness surrounding temp2!!!!

gigglewick said...

Is it just me, or is the fact that

a) some one is doing some work and then
b) you're checking their work and then
c) some one else is checking your work

some kind of bureacracy-gone-mad, "look-out-that-temp's-got-a-gun!" scenario?

I think they should count themselves lucky you were concentrating on muffin time - it's the only sure way to avoid violence.

Mars said...

mexie... omg, temp2 is back! i will have to do a post soon...

and GW, agreed, the scenario is just stoopid based on many stoopid people (including me, probably) fucking shit up all over the place. one competent person could probably replace the three of us. but hey, i'm not running the show... i'm just there for the moula!

gigglewick said...

yuh-huh - if they wanted strategic planning and "change management" they'd have to pay you $150/hr.

And a muffin allowance.