19 August 2006

Trying to avoid this ghey look
I just went fishing amongst the junk in our spare room, and managed to a) locate my backpack and b) get it out. Quite an achievement in itself, really. Anyway, i've since decided that my backpack is too big for me to take away this time.

It's 70 litres i think, and last time i went away (although, i was going for a year so had to pack a lot of stuff) i managed to fill it to capacity to the point where it weighed about 25kg, and i actually couldn't pick it up. I shit you not - i couldn't lift my own backpack. Sometimes i'd try, and get knocked over by it when i tried to swing it up onto my back.

At first, i though that was pretty average, and everyone's backpack was difficult to manage. Then Dot came to meet up with me at the end of my trip, and she had this glorified SCHOOL BAG which she managed to casually sling onto her back. It was then i realised that i was being quite ridiculous about the size of mine.

So the point to this story is this. My backpack has three separate compartments... and i'm going to go away only filling ONE! Let's see if it's possibe, eh..

Also, i want the internet's opinion on the day pack.
Are they wank, or handy? Am i going to regret it if i don't take mine?



Dot said...

you wish you looked that cool!

ps - don't forget to pack your Nalgene , Snowgum thermals and vest, and cargo pants that zip off to become shorts.

Mr. Mitch said...

the less you pack the better i agree. Where are you going? (fingers crossed you haven't blogged about this already and i've forgotton), this will decide if the day pack is a requirement. I would tend to lean towards yes by default.

Mars said...

dot, you will be please to know that i have also got my hiking boots and thick socks out, my kathmandu branded wardrobe, and i am prepared to hang all my "accessories" off my pack - including the nalgene!

mr mitch.. i've only been crapping on about going to americay for about the last 2 months!!

see the thing is, i don't like the look of a backpack.. and if i take it, i think i'd be tempted to use it.. (though really can't see myself carrying it on the front like some people do! WORST LOOK EVAH)

Mr. Mitch said...

haha, sorry mars, i realised that about 10 seconds after i posted it.

Why don't you just go without any luggage? It would be somewhat empowering i would imagine. It's not like you really NEED anything.

DelightfulJen said...

I am possibly the person least likely to have ANYTHING to do with backpacking ever, but I think a day pack would be handy.

Would your other option just be like a handbag? Cause you could make do with a nice bag handbag (like a uni bag or something). It does get annoying to always carry a bag on your shoulder though.

Imelda said...

Does that chick in the pic have a ponytail or a kid hanging out of her pack?

Mars said...

i NEED heaps of stuff, mitch! i'm not like the emo.. i NEED, well firstly.. clothes, i imagine. not to mention an absolute bevy of other important thing which i can't possibly live without.

jen, i have a bag that i take to work and it's one of those cross-over deals. dunno what it's really called. so that would be my other option, but i wonder if it would be big enough. and then i think, what would i be doing there that i wouldn't be doing here anyway? it's hard work, i tells ya.

imelda, it was SO you who voted to violate emo.
ps - it's a chick in the picture?

Steph said...

A change of undies and toothpaste is all you need. I say get a bum bag. Do they still call them that?

Mars said...

hah hah, steph said FANNY PACK!

i said...

... i always take a day pack with me :) but the day pack that came with mine doesn't look too bad :)

I've got an 80L pack that always manages to get filled up with all sorts of items. I go hiking or "tramping" as they call it in NZ a fair bit.. and because of the extra space i have in mine.. i alwasy get the leftover bits that my travelling companions couldn't manage to fit in their packs!!

depends on where your going!

have fun!!