06 August 2006

As we know, Dot had a recent clean out of her wardrobe, so being as i am procrasting about writing my essay which was due last Friday, i thought i'd have a bit of a clean out too. And now, i pose this question to the internet:

How much camel is too much camel?

Camel Cords.

I know, ew. Too much camel already, right.

Relax! They're out. O. U. T.

Camel cord skirt.

It much have been a phase.

But yo, this skirt is Marks and Spencer.

Exotic, non?

Camel pleather jacket.

Yes. Pleather.

This jacket really reminds me of Inspector Gadget... but i bet he had more taste than to wear pleather.

(Shut up Dot, you have a pleather couch, if i'm not mistaken!)

There was more camel, but thankfully, i must have gotten rid of it before now. Which i guess brings to my next item. This one has sentimental value, i've had it for years, and you sure can tell.

It's time to go... the Rusty t-shirt.

I bought this t-shirt back in year 12 when i was FREAKING OUT (as i like to do) the night before free dress day. It's served me well as it seems to have grown with me, though it has been relegated to a pyjama t-shit for about the last seven years.. to the point where is in now completely see through, and has atleast 10 holes in it. It's indecent, and Emo (probably) doesn't deserve to be subjected to seeing me wear this old faithful. Sad.

As for this one though...

They'll have to bury me in it.


Chai said...

Camel will be cool again. You'll be sorry then.

Dave Mack said...

Did someone say triple-camel themed party at Dot n Mars'??

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure that camel will ever be back... at least i hope not!

I think a pleather party would be more interesting.. think of how flamable things could get!

yes, i, MARS am anonymous. Cunting blogger wont let me log in to do a comment on my own effing blog.

kiki said...

OMG Dave, i'm so going to that party.

i'll bring my iron and ironing board as it appears, even though they both possess illustrious wardrobes, Dot and Mars do not possess an iron!!!

Mars said...

HAY! That stuff has been stuffed in a black bag of junk for months and months. We have a iron! And sometimes i use it too! Do you see any point in ironing things you're chucking out? Eh?

Miss Natalie said...

LMAO! ebay???

I love doing the clean out ;-)

Mars said...

Noo...none of this stuff is good enough for ebay!

Adam said...

IF you make it to heaven, and IF you do get buried in the Hideous Collective Abuse Of Colours, they'll give you a job as a rainbow. Fer shure.