04 August 2006

Now, i dunno much about anything, but i'm pretty sure Ghandi was a bang-up tip-top sort of a guy. A real winner, if like, a lasting impression on the world is what you were going for.

Doubt i measure up. We all know i am the love-child of Gough and Joan Kirner anyway... i may not be pretty, but i sure do have a vision.


Mr. Mitch said...

Gee i didn't expect to be Saddam, ouch.

Mars said...

Erm.. well.. i suppose Saddam had a vision too..?

*backs away slowly*

kiki said...

whats your vision mars??

i have a vision. but i'm not going to broadcast it over the internet. only a select few know it.
my sister and my girlfriend are all the ones in the know i think

Mars said...

Well why should i tell you mine if you're not going to tell me yours, keeks?

I'm interested now. (in yours)

I'm probably full of shit though, and have no vision at all. That would be more likely...

Chesty LaRue said...

I did this once and I was someone truly truly horrible. I think it was Hitler.

It worried me and I have made a point of being much nicer since then.

But honetsly - what kind of random meme quiz tells you your Hitler? How screwed up is that?

kiki said...

mine is to spend the first half of my life accumulating wealth (which i'm not doing a very good job at) and then spend the second half of my life giving it away to people in need

i'm talking shelters for the homeless, which i already help out in sometimes, and the kids in africa

that kind of shit. as much of an asshole that i am, i'm pretty passionate about this stuff.

so, now whats yours?

Mars said...

For people to care about more than their quarter acre in the suburbs. To live in a society, not an economy. For racism and prejudice to be nothing more than an embarassing blotch in our history. For reconcilliation with indiginous Australians. For Australia to withdraw from illagal occupation of other countries. Etc.

I don't really have a personal vision, but all that would be a good start to a world i'd like to live in.

Mr. Mitch said...

what if you die just before the end of the first half kiki?