12 January 2009

What do you do when you find yourself not actually wanting to live anywhere.

Don't get me wrong - it's not that i don't want to live... i just don't know where to live. I wouldn't mind staying in England, but pretty soon i wont be able to. Besides that, i'm increasingly feeling like this whole expedition has come very close to having run its course.

And i don't particularly want to live in Australia either. In fact, i would even go as far as to say that i actually don't want to live in Australia, it just happens to be the place where i was born. This last week, while i've begun to make arrangements for my imminent arrival home, i have again realised why it was i left.

So to this end - where in the world now?

Furthermore, i wanna know where my fucking husband is. I'm sick of waiting and i need him now to start my own, new, better, less thoroughly shit, family.



Original Mel said...

As someone who is only home for a holiday, I understand. I don't know where I want to live, or even what I want to do. I'm lost and confused. And am forever being fucked around by men I think may be my husband, but clearly aren't.

I like to call it my "continued quarter life crisis". It sucks.

kiki said...

and i thought you wanted to live with Aphrodite???

what about her marsopan?? how's she going to feel about this?

audrey said...

Honey, I know exactly what you mean. Three words. New York baby.

Maybe you'll find your husband in Barca or Morocco?

dot said...

Working holiday in Canada next! Mars the ski bunny!

Asphodel said...

I say the answer lies in google search results of the worlds cheapest destinations! But then again, luxury in Laos might be a paradox.

Mex said...

do a round the world working holiday. south africa is great! and you could bar hop in greece or do snow stuff somewhere cold. you dont have to come home if you dont want to!