22 January 2009

Before i went to visit Dot in NYC, she tried to warn me about the cold.

"It's cold here in NYC, make sure you bring a coat..."
"Yeah, i know cold" says i... "Manchester's no Jamaica"
"Hmm, but it's really cold. And the heating in our apartment isn't so good..." she persists with this warning.
"I get it Dot, cold. We've got cold here too"
"But no, i'm not sure you understand how cold it is. So make sure to pack warm..."
"Okay Dot..."

Went to NYC - still cold, colder than Manchester but i will not be out-done with talks of -12 degrees and snow cover twelve inches thick. So i've created here, an ode to Manchester's snow.

Snow: The Movie


dot said...

What did Nick say? It cuts off...

Mars: What is it Nick?
Nick: Snow! Must be -"

I need to know!

It's like some psychological plot twist designed to manipulate the audience. You play with my emotions worse than Spielberg does.

kiki said...

i want my download quota back...

what song is that?