20 January 2009

I swear to god I just remembered...

Today is my wedding anniversary! And there's only two and a half hours of it left.

Just called Blane to see if there was any chance of him coming home before midnight so we can celebrate together. He says not. Oh well.

So what are you supposed to give your partner for the second anniversary? I remember it's paper for the first. Cardboard for the second? My love is certainly becoming less pliable and slightly corrugated... Weird.

Anyway, I did have a good day. After I stopped sulking over the library being closed (yet before I remembered it was my anniversary) I went for a walk in Central Park. Here is what I saw...

The place where they dance in the film 'Enchanted'.

The view that always pops up in films set in New York, just to establish it's a film set in New York.

This one is hard to see, but it's actually children skating renegade on the Conservatory Water pond. This is the place where they sail electric boats in Summer. The kids have swept a section of the ice clean of snow and are skating. For free! Screw you Mr Trump and your stupid ice rink with rules and rock music. These kids are so clever.

Maybe I should have a baby?

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