21 January 2009

We, the people! Huzzah!

Obama's kids are so cute.

Michelle Obama looked lovely. Although, I think Jill Biden is pretty stylish too... there's something more unique about her. I think it was the knee-high boots.

White people like cowboy hats, black people like fedoras.

Obama was adorably nervous, stumbling over his lines when he was sworn it. He is normally so well-spoken, it was nice to get a glimpse of this human side.

I like Hillary Clinton's super happy enthusiastic face. She looks kind of childish. She does it a lot. (See here.)

Big George Bush is getting quite old and stiff. It's deceptive because he still has a decent hair of hair with a fair bit of brown in it, however he's walking very slowly. On the other hand, Little Jimmy Carter seems in good shape.

I don't like those Bush twins. Don't trust them.

I really liked Dr Lowery's speech. It felt more natural than Obama's.

President Obama is left handed just like me.

Goodbye Bush!


Epskee said...

"Goodbye Bush"

We've waiting so long to utter those words. Isn't it LOVELY?!

Mars said...

goodbye bush... don't go changing!

Mars said...

and you're right about those twins - creepy.

Dot said...

Bye Butt! I mean, Bush!