19 January 2009

I'm a housewife... Get me out of here!

2008 was my big year. I finally moved to America (yay, green card!) and finally started working full-time (yay, earning minimal wage in the most expensive city in the world!).

I was magnificent!

Unfortunately 2009 has taken a turn for the worst. On the 5th of January I became a victim of downsizing. That's right, the economy got me.

It's a condition of my green card that I can't become a "ward of the state", ie. get the dole, so it's really really important that I find another job. This is very hard as my desired field (gallery/arts administration) is firing EVERYONE and replacing them with unpaid interns.

It hasn't taken long for me to fall into the cycle:

I spend most of the day in the house (it is -12C outside!).
I only ever leave to run errands (thank god for the supermarket, library and laundromat).
I clean a lot because it makes me feel productive.
I obsess over interior design (Mars, you should see what I've done with the lounge room!)
I cook special meals (because husband coming home for dinner is social highlight of the day).
I drink on my own (because husband never comes home in time for dinner).
I've been thinking about baby names I like.
I really really feel like a cigarette.

How did it come to this?


Mars said...

what baby names have you come up with? jackson, jordan, jorja?

dot said...

Calm down.

I like Nalla. Can you guess why?

Mars said...

cause you want your kid to sound like a character out of the Lion King?

Mars said...

and yes, i can see why... just before you go ahead and start thinking your smarter than me.

dot said...

Yes, because it's the name of the kid from the film 'Australia' - Nullah. Only I changed the spelling the make it unique.