25 July 2008


Girl gets new mobile, not so new

In a shocking twist to the story of Dot getting a new mobile she has recently received an email describing her phone as ‘passé’.

‘I’m terribly upset,’ Dot told us, ‘I just really believed for a minute I finally had my finger on the pulse of technological advancement. I thought I was cutting-edge, but it turns out, once again, I’m behind the times.’

Dot, whose record with mobile phones has not been stellar, finally caved to social pressures and brought a mobile phone last week. As an unemployed job-hunter it was just was not feasible for her to continue listing her husband’s phone number as her own.

“Potential employers would call my husband,” Dot explained, “And then he would politely explain he ‘accidentally’ picked up my phone that morning and brought it to work with him, but he would let me know ASAP to call them back.”

Unsurprisingly this elaborate scheme did not work. So Dot agreed to finally make the big commitment and sign up for a phone-plan.

Her choice of phone? A BlackBerry® Curve ™. The BlackBerry is a hand-held device used mainly for sending and receiving short e-mail messages typed on a tiny keyboard. While it also functions as a mobile phone, the appeal of the BlackBerry is continual email access.

In explaining her choice of phone Dot pointed to her dislike of phone-conversations yet love of written-correspondence as making the BlackBerry the obvious choice. While the BlackBerry smartphone has been around since 2002, it is only over the last few years that it’s widespread use has become synonymous with Wall Street gadget addiction. It’s nick-name? The ‘Crackberry’.

Dot was thrilled with her new toy, and upon turning it on for the first time immediately began emailing all her friends and family to brag about her new purchase. Most people responded by sending kind wishes for these technological steps for Dot-kind. However her sister, slightly jaded by Dot’s previous half-assed attempts to ‘get with it’, replied, “It’s impressive that you have a blackberry. Is this because everyone now has iphones and blackberries are passé?”

Dot’s obvious response, “What the hell is an IPhone?”

Dot really shouldn’t be surprised. Of course she brought her BlackBerry on sale.


Mars said...

a blackberry still seems swish to me, even if they are on sale in america.

dot said...

Yeah, what am I saying... they're phat.