07 July 2008

I've made one Australian friend since being in Manchester, and she leaves this week to go travelling and then back home to her boyfriend in Wagga Wagga. I think that's fairly shit, but you can't control other people. I've really valued her friendship over the last 6 months - it's nice to have someone who you can mumble in their direction and they understand what you're saying and the words you use and stuff. She has been an absolute minimum effort friend, and i like it!

Anyway, last night we all went out for Aunty Em's leaving drinks and her twin sister and sister's boyfriend came from Sheffield for the occasion. I'm reluctant to call the sister and her boyfriend SERIOUS BOGANS, however, they were more occa than most, and when drunk the word yobbo does spring to mind for the sister's boyfriend. This didn't make them any less fun to go out with, and particularly the boyfriend who proceeded to get throughly wasted in one of the trendiest bars in Manchester bringing out his special brand of 'dance'.

Basically, he was kinda gyrating all over the place, which was fairly unremarkable, until i caught him doing what i call 'The Chop'. You know what i mean... That move that dudes sometimes do where they use both hands and kinda 'chop' around their... well, cock.

This is an example of the Single Chop. Sadly, i didn't manage to get a pic of the Double Chop.

Though i did get a pic of a girl version of 'The Chop'.

Not the same, is it? Anyway, it was a funny dance move, is all i'm saying... one i haven't seen in action in a loooooooong time.

That said, it was a fun old night... ending at about 9am this morning. We all woke up about 5.30pm and i was sent up to buy out the entire Servo for supplies.

Parted with SIXTEEN Great British Pounds for that load of absolute junk... that's THIRTY TWO AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS. Anyway.


Mex said...

is that a whole stick of butter in the front right hand corner?

sublime-ation said...

ew. I thought that was only a 'comedy' dance.

Mars said...

mexie, it was just like, a normal block of butter... it was the only thing they had!

sub, it is a comedy dance. but yes, i see what you're saying.

Homo J. Sapien said...

You can control people.

But it's not very nice.

dot said...

gee, i hope you're sticking to your exercise regime.

Aussie Rock Chick said...

In Australia you would have only got four things for your $32. I'm impressed!