05 July 2008

phase one of the job hunt:
spend hours looking through job listings identifying your 'ideal job'. having found FOUR jobs you MIGHT consider working then spend the next week composing application letters and tweaking resume.

phase two of the job hunt:
go back to job listings and be a little more realistic about the jobs you are suitable for. 'project manager'? try instead 'project assistant'. 'curator'? try instead 'unpaid intern who gets to fetch coffee for the curator'.

phase three of job hunt:
bulk applications. apply for anything and everything you can.

phase four of the job hunt:
depression/acceptance. the best and worst part of job hunting; while emotionally you hit an all time low, at the same time you really start to make the most of the unemployed lifestyle and enjoy those midday sleep-ins and afternoon lattes in the park. that is until and money runs out...

phase five:
temp work.

i'm currently only in phase one. however, i've done this so many times before i know where i'm going...


Steph said...

Chin up! You never know what's around the corner, blah,blah, etc, etc.

You just have to keep at it, I know it sucks dogs bollocks, but eventually you'll get something.....We hope. ;)

kiki said...

show them your bed jumping photos and you'll get any position you want

dot said...

thanks Steph. that's so sincere and nice of you... so unexpected in the blogsphere!

kiki, sometimes it's hard to communicate these types skills into a one page resume.