22 July 2008

Got (a bit) pissed up on the weekend and decided to give my formerly lustrous locks a bit of a trim. It was going ok... till i decided to try get fancy and cut some layers into it, hacking a big chomp out of the left hand side. Oops.

Decided i'd better quit while i wasn't too far behind... brushed that bit over and put the scissors down.

A couple of cans later, we're almost ready to go out and i nip into the bathroom for a final look at my creation (myself). I've got this scarf on, and the long part of my hair is caught up under it with just the 'layers' framing my face. I call Schroeder in and ask if he thinks my hair would look nice in a bob.

He thinks so... i'm feeling stupid so i pull my hair back in a pony tail and let him chop it off. Check out my new wonky bob. Awesome!

An hour or so later and about 4 inches of 'straightening it up' we called it a day before i ended up looking like that kid. Dunno what i was thinking... i hate bobs more than mullets.

Anyway... more booze etc and i wake up on Sunday afternoon and realise...



dot said...

You've turned into Donna!

Mars said...

hah! someone just found this blog by doing a blogger search for 'hair chop'.

...you said it, buddy.

Mex said...

you moron dude.

Mars said...

thanks for your continued support.