31 July 2008

In Manchester, i have come to know (and use) the word 'scally'... a scally is pretty much the more commonly known as 'chav'. No-one does summer in england like a scally... and when temperatures peak at 19 degrees, all council estates point towards Blackpool.

Blackpool isn't far from Manchester, and i'd heard such things about the place that when summer hit last Sunday (it's over now), i took a day trip to Blackpool. The place is hard to explain... i can see how it probably used to be an ok place for a family holiday... but now it's all run down and tacky looking. Lots of stag and hen do's happening (for people who can't afford to go to Prague, Budapest or even Dublin)... lots of shops selling pink cowboy hats with fluff around the edges and flashing bunny ears.

Anyway, one thing Blackpool is especially famous for is 'rock' or 'a stick-a-rock'. You can get all sorts of rock... ones that say Pleasure Beach, your name, your football team and even whole meals of rock made out to look like an english breakfast.

Was in a shop admiring the rock when i noticed the following scenario...

Multiculturalism at its very best, that.


Columbo said...

i thought this was crazy, then i found this http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article1890354.ece

i.hate.my.name said...

it really is the most popular name in the world.

kiki said...

i thought 'keith' was?