08 August 2008

Life update…


And it only took five weeks. Not too shabby.

Although. Does ‘unpaid internship that will eventually lead to casual hourly employment that MIGHT eventually lead to contracted fulltime work’ actually count as a job?

Blane assures me this is a fairly typical way of finding employment in America. However, I have an inkling in my your-rights-at-work-are-worth-fighting-for bones that I’m being ripped.

I come from a land where ‘unpaid training’ is ILLEGAL.

I come from parents that drive around in cars with ‘MUA HERE TO STAY’ stickers on their bumpers.

I come from a sharehouse where I used to live with a union rep. (Hi Mars!).

Seems to me like ‘land of the free’ translates into the ‘land of the free labour’. And if you aren’t lucky enough to have the support of someone who’ll essentially KEEP you while you dilly around with unpaid internships… well, you can just go work in the ‘land of the minimum wage’. And stay there!

Yeah, it’s only for those who can afford it!


Mex said...

and i dont imagine that the 'land of the minimum wage' would be much fun in the USA...

Angelina said...

Yay for the job!

kiki said...

i thought freedom cost a "buck o five"?

dot said...

mex, it's a life sentence.

angelina, thanks... it's very nice to feel wanted.

kiki, i have no idea what you are talking about. but really, how are you?

TimT said...

Jolly good, what? Well done and all that.

I would note that if unpaid training is illegal in Australia, it still seems to go on a lot nowadays, under titles like 'volunteering'. Seen in that light the US system doesn't seem so bad.