12 August 2008

It's a fine line between pleasure and pain...

I went to a comedy night tonight... which was basically a whole heap of hacks going for cheap laughs. The standard, fat guy making jokes about starving Africans, ginger's making jokes at their own expense and the all too common inherently racist and sexist 'jokes' that you cringe at while most of the rest of the audience are in absolute stitches.

I know i have a sense of humour, and i love to laugh at shit i find funny, however, jokes about domestic violence, rape and outright racist or homophobic 'jokes' really get up my arse.

Am i taking the whole scenario too seriously? Should i just 'loosen up' or whatever? I don't know... I do know that it just takes one or two people who, let's face it, probably aren't bad people... make a joke in utter poor taste to try and get a laugh, and end up spoiling what would otherwise have been quite good.

Surely there's a better way to get a laugh other than making fun of people who can't fight back?


Angelina said...

I tend to agree with you. I think I must have a completely different sense of humour than 99% of the world. I don't find Will Farrell funny, or that awful stoner guy who's in Knocked Up and now Pineapple Express. I don't think Borat is amusing in the slightest. I find it all just stupid humour. I need something a little more intelligent to laugh. I think racist/homophobic jokes fall under the stupid humour category, so I don't find them funny either.

dot said...

Why do they give English pubs such stupid names? 'Frog and the Bucket'? That's not funny.

Might as well call it the 'Cat and the Poo', and that's not funny either.

Jobe said...


As a bit of a stand-up comic and a frequenter of such events, I felt inspired/touched to comment.

"Am i taking the whole scenario too seriously? Should i just 'loosen up' or whatever?"

Quite possibly.

Without hearing the jokes/what was said it's hard to say, but I've seen a lot of offensive comedians and I can't think of one joke that was in really poor taste.

As long as they aren't attacking someone in the audience or being racist/sexist/homophobic for the sake of it (ie 'whats the deal with white people? Fuck I hate their stinking arses near me on the train. They need to /white sterotype/') then nothing is off limits if they get turn it into a joke.

The rape jokes are an odd one though. Everyone is doing them these days. They're getting cliche, but a lot of them are still pretty funny.