25 August 2008

I have been following someone i went to primary and high school with, around the internet for nearly two years now. I can't say we were BFFs at the time, but we were friends... our younger brothers were friends, our mums were friends. I wanted to be her then, and i want to be her now. These are my reasons why:
  • She lives in america
  • In a beautiful house with ralph lauren paint on the walls
  • She finished uni and did her degree in creative writing
  • Is a lesbian, which i find kinda intriguing
  • She's really creative and makes beautiful things
  • And photographs them
  • She's in love with someone who loves her
  • She's been to SXSW twice (once as part of her job!)
  • I love her naturally straight and blonde hair

Superficial? Without a doubt. But look at that hair!

I've never actually communicated with this girl the whole time i've been following her around the internet... and it seems wrong that i know so much about her life. Am i entitled to know all this? She's put it on the internet for anyone to find (though to pay homage to my skillz, it did take some digging around), am i really being sneaky and sly or am i just seeing what's been made available to me? Do i really know as much as i think i do?

I guess some people say similar about reading the blog of someone they know in real life... They're only looking at what's been put out there for a non-descript audience. Though in saying that, i would be pretty pissed if someone i knew started reading this blog, and didn't let me know.

Anyway, conveniently enough, she's just created another medium for me to follow her around the internet on... lo and behold, a blog. And to be honest, for someone who did a whole degree in creative writing, i thought it'd have been a whole lot more engaging, but i was left unimpressed. Now i'm kinda tempted to comment and see if she finds me out. She'd be dense if she couldn't work it out... basically from the information i've given away in this post alone, i could only be one of about five people. Less even, given i said our brothers were friends.

But i probably wont comment... cause let's face it, after she knows i've been stalking her for two years, i'm not confident she's going to want to know me and will therefore probably take all her shiz offline. Then where will i be?


Mike from Adelaide said...

Come on...share

What's her blog link?

Mars said...

er, i'd kinda like to keep my super cool rep in tact, if you don't mind!

Jacob said...

I have a conundrum so similar it actually shocks me. I cannot stop visiting the myspace page of one of my friends who I haven't seen in over a year. He is gay and blonde (not natural, however) and I want to be him so bad it hurts.

It's best not to dwell on the past and to know that their online image is probably very different to the reality.

Epskee said...

Stalking is only weird when they know your doing it.....

Lulu said...

OMG! I want the blog link too! hehe!

I am curious as to how you have followed her if she hasn`t had a blog before now?! Myspace? Flickr? Facebook?


Mars said...

jacoob.. i dunno, i reckon my online image (super suave, ultimo cool) is pretty spot on!

epskee.. i like your style, you can stay.

lululululu.. i was just over reading your blog yesterday catching up! it'd been a while. but no, i will not be peer pressured into giving out ths link!

and i've had many many medium for stalking. first myspace, then flickr (which she updates often, which is nice), she also writes for an online publication and cause we went to school together, i see a lot of her comments she leaves for other people too. AND she's just got crackbook and now this blog. how am i supposed to restrain myself with ALL THAT?!?!?!

Mike from Adelaide said...

But you expect us to be restrained......

Just kidding - mostly sniff

kiki said...


send me the link motherfucker!

(can you get me tickets to india in november?)

Mars said...

mfa.. feel free to stalk her if you want bud!

kif.. no and probably not