21 August 2008

My two most hated things are sport and animals.

Get this... for the first time in about 15 years i actually touched a cat this weekend. I pat it almost affectionately, even. It was ok... until the thing wanted to climb on me. That's where i draw the line... give (an animal) an inch and it will take a mile. In addition to this out of character act of random kindness, today i saw a police horse and found myself stopping and staring at the thing, thinking 'what an amazing beast'.

I don't understand this change of heart and my sudden and apparent kinship i seem to have with these animals.

That said, sadly for all involved during these most olympic of weeks, the same can't be said about sport. This must be the most successful Olympics ever for Team GB and oh my god, the whole country (as any country worth its salt when its team starts doing well) is on board. Every day i am accosted by some over zealous fair-weather fan with the latest up date in Team GB's medal winners and/or to let me know, cause i care, that team GB are sitting an amazing third on the medal tally. That's one (or two, depending on the day of the week) places ABOVE Australia.


This has got to be one of the worst performances Australia has given in the Olympics for ages, right? News over here on our team is fairly non-existant, so i don't even know if Jana Pitman and Tamsyn Lewis have clawed each other's eye balls out yet. Are those two even still in it, or are they 'commentators' or some shit now?

Anyhoo... SPORT. Who gives a fuck? So you can run really, really fast... NICE ONE. You spend you're whole life consumed by running or swimming really, really fast. How am i supposed to take any of it seriously? I can do some stuff fast too... you don't see me making a fuss though, do you.


Mex said...

so your FAVOURITE thing in the whole world would be show jumping then? sport and animals and olympics all rolled into one.

Jacob said...

Lately I've gotten all clucky for my own kitty. THIS POST IS TORTURE!


dot said...

okay, i'll ask... what are you so fast at?

Steph said...

I hate sports too but I am PISSED that the bloody poms are beating us.
Wtf? That is just wrong. WRONG!!!

It's Barbie, Bitch said...

You are very, very cranky, Mars. What the fuck's wrong with other animals? You're just one yourself.

Mars said...

mexie.. er, no. i was being sarcastic. did you not get that?

jacoob.. come back?

ski.. EATING

steph.. try being HERE and having them beating us!!!

ibb.. who the fuck are you?

Columbo said...

i only have one thing to say...

Mars said...

c-bo.. how very unpredictable of you! and just fyi, the olympics are over now.