21 July 2007

To All the Harry Potter Geeks,

I've never read one of those books, or seen any of those crap, lame-o movies... but today, while Dot and i were up at Fountain Lakes... WE READ THE LAST PAGE OF THE NEWEST BOOK!

So i know what happens, probably before all of you.

And guess what... THEY ALL DIE!

In a massive mishap... a trick or spell or whatever it is they do... anyway, some one stuffed up and blew up the whole school (or place or where-ever they go), where they do the magic or tricks or whatever they do!



From what i can gather... they were boiling up some sort of a potion... on a bunsen burner or the like. Red fizz mixed with some lizard guts or something... and WHO KNEW what sort of astronomic effects it would have.

Not Harry, the little smart-arse, that's for sure...

So now that you all know what's happened... please stop banging on about it. It's a children's book... Now, let's all move on to teen fiction together.

lv mars


Mick said...

hear frigging hear!

Dot said...

hey, that's NOT ON!

it's still really annoying when people who know the endings of books give you a false ending because you suddenly know one thing that is NOT going to happen in the end of the book... which in some ways is like finding out what is more likely to happen instead.

however, i imagine all the true fans of Harry Potter finished the book 24 hours ago, so you can't have done too much damage.

not that i'm a fan. i just don't want any bad book spoiler karma...

SP said...

There was nearly a punch up between an older woman and two 13-year-old girls about that book on a friend's tram this morning. It's nuts!

audrey said...

Mars, you're a bad lady. Playing with the minds of us Harry Potter tragics like that is dangerous.

I swear, if someone had spoilt the ending for me on or before Saturday, I would have punched them square in the face.