19 July 2007

Bart lost his first tooth the other day... and Homer wanted to give him a hundred bucks. Marge wanted to give him a couple of bucks worth of coins.

I would have given him 50c or $1, myself.

Is this tight, or has inflation really hit hard in the last 20 years? (Probably the Labor government's fault for that nano-second they were in power in the 80's...)

Anyway, so the kid ended up with about 20 bucks worth of gold coins.

I couldn't believe it.


SP said...

Back in the day (LOL) I used to get $2 from my Oma (I never got as much when I lost a tooth at home) And I still remember the time I got $2 and the tooth fairy (Oma) forgot to take the tooth, so scored another $2 the next day.

$100 a tooth isn't much incentive to brush your teeth....

actonb said...

The tooth fairy still pays $2 in our household. But then has to pay interest when she forgets... for weeks at a time... Miss M got about $10 out of me, er, sorry, the Tooth Fairy last time.

River said...

Got my children to brush their teeth by convincing them the tooth fairy paid double price for teeth without stains or cavities. I now have 4 adult children with perfect teeth.