04 July 2007

A day in the life of a passive aggressive...

Me: i don't really understand the sizing system here...
Shop assistant: well, there's 1 and there's 2.
Me: just two sizes?
Shop assistant: actually, size 1 is really an 8-10, and size 2 is a 10-12, and all the knits are 'free sizes'.
Me: 'free sizes', like one size fits all?
Shop assistant: um...
Me: or, you mean like anyone is free to try them on?
Shop assistant: yes...
Me laughing: regardless of whether they fit or not?
Shop assistant: huh?
Me: huh.
Shop assistant: i know.

(happy birthday to Kiki!)


Mex said...

what kind of turd shop were you in??

i cant even try on anything thats not in double figures! and "free size" COME ON! who the hell are they kidding?

Dot said...

the 'turd shop' is Kookai!

i say "100% designed and made in Melbourne" doesn't make it right.

although, occasionally i do see something nice there…

kiki said...

thanks pet

see you friday!