04 July 2007

Mars didn't make it (home last Friday night...)

Kind of weird. At first I thought this might have happened:

Option A: She picked-up (and/or fell asleep with a cute guy and they both forgot to take their clothes off.)

But then I worried this might have happened:

Option B: She passed out (in public somewhere while all her friends politely ignored her.)
But no!
Option C? She got so drunk she asked the cab driver to take her to her mum's house. Forgetting that she moved-out five years ago, Mars happily climbed into her mother's bed and fell asleep (luckily her mother was out enjoying Option A that night).
Can't wait to see what happens this Friday...
Endnote: I got 'drunk photo' off the disturbing website passed-out-girls.com: "Passed out girls! Girls drunk and passed out 100% free pictures!" This website is one of the many reasons if Blane and I ever have kids they are not going to college in America.


Dot said...

Mars says, "I'm glad you didn't mention how I fell downs some stairs and puked on the side of the freeway."

i know, Mars getting drunk is so old...

Mex said...

i bet its option C. with the freeway vomit thrown in for extras!

Anonymous said...

that mars, she's such a pig. i'm sick to death of hearing about how drunk she got on the weekend. GET SOME NEW SUBJECT MATTER!


nick cetacean said...

I don't think the bottom girl is passed out -- that's the Tai Chi "folded swan". Very tasteful.

kiki said...

the chick standing up next to the one performing 'folded swan' has massive cans.