15 December 2006

I'm about to have a sad.

My life is completely unfulfilling.

Work sucks, i've just spent all afternoon packing up my shit cause my team is moving into a new office, away from all the people i like working with.

It's Friday night, and i'm sitting home moaning, on the internet. I always go out of Friday night, and i feel ripped off at the fact that it's almost 7pm and i'm not pissed.

My friends are lazy losers/breeders/have plans. All of them.

I'm sick of couples. Especially at Christmas. If i hear one more person refer to someone as their boyfriend/girlfriend/other half/fiance/missus etc. i'll crack.

Where the hell is Dot when you need her?

I had pizza for lunch, that didn't make me feel better.

I had a bowl of ice-cream when i got home, that hasn't helped either.

Last night i spent about a million bucks at Chadstone buying Christmas presents for myself, which also hasn't helped.

I've had several cigarettes... useless.

My usual fixes for this state of mind have let me down; booze, fags, food, shopping.

What the hell am i supposed to do now?

(PS hi dave)

Done by Mars


DelightfulJen said...

Awww, Mars.

I'm sorry you feel bad, things could be worse though. You have a job, that's a good thing. And you have some lovely friends like Dot. And you have money to buy yourself Christmas presents.

I understand how you feel, and I often have those same moods myself, I hope you can get out of your sad soon.

Dot said...

since when did you start smoking again? don't do that!

(but if you get desperate, i think i might have left a half packet in the drawer of the cabinet in the lounge room)

anyway, cheer up. i sent you a Christmas present today. it should arrive in 4-7 days (pick it up from my parents house, i sent them all in one package).

kiki said...

i'll get drunk with you mars.

my weekends are free again and i feel i can (temporarily) step in for the absent dot.

waddya fink?

Mars said...

Jen, you are always so earnest...even when i'm being pathetic. i'd roll over and die if you ever told me to just get the fuck over it!

Dot, those fags are gone..they've been gone for ages actually. since before you left, even. looking forward to the present, though i thought i was getting pyjama pants when you get home? don't forget those... umm i haven't sent you anything cause i don't have your address/it's too late now. how bout i just deposit some money into your account?

Keeks, friday night. city. get there.

Dave Mack said...

HI mars!!!!!

Dave Mack said...

HI mars!!!!!

Dave Mack said...

HI mars!!!!!

Mars said...

got it dave...