23 December 2006

these are mine! ahahahaha!!

they have a four and a quarter INCH heel!! they are insane.
they take me from a boring 5 foot 7 inches, to a giant 5 foot 11 inches.
i see the world from a whole new point of view, i see the world how Mars sees the world.

i love them and they make me love me.

done by Dot


SP said...

They're hot! I'm gonna ask even though you probably won't answer; where did you get them? (I'm barely 5'1 and ever extra inch)

DelightfulJen said...

OMG, those shoes are so beautiful!!!

If I wore them, I'd be 6'3" and look like a total tranny because of my short hair. Wear them with pride for all of us lofty girls!!

Mars said...

jesus h christ.

life's good up on the high ground, eh? you could actually look me in the eye... totally weird, your legs must look like they're about a kilometre long. and are they patent? wtf man.

redcap said...

Very spunky shoes. Did they come from a fetish shop? ;)

Adam said...


Dot said...

ahaha! i know!
sp, i got them from Bloomingdales on the sales rack. i got lucky cause they were the last pair and happened to be my size (which NEVER happens).
dj, i'm lofty now too, yay!
mars, i've changed, but no, they are not patent, just a little bit shiney.
redcap, there's *something* about them, isn't there?
adam, i know!