09 December 2006

Well, Victoria's burning down. I took this photo this morning while sitting of the steps of Spencer Street station (yeah, Spencer street, bitches) before doing the Walk of Shame. Haven't done that for years but it was my work Christmas party last night, i suppose it's to be expected.

Meanwhile, the engagement party i was talking about is on tonight... i'm still feeling rough as guts and it's started an hour ago. Blugh.

Done by Mars


cathrina said...

so how was the party?

DelightfulJen said...

Wow, you can really see the effect the fires have had.

Work Christmas parties always end up like that, I avoid them at all costs. (Much easier now I am unemployed).

I hope the Engagement party was bareable.

kiki said...

i was down at the beach all weekend and the ash was terrible down there too.

it really is shocking. i guess we can now officially say bye bye ozone layer

Mars said...

hello cathrina...the party was okay i suppose. might do a review later on.

jen, the fires are baaaaad mang...worse than usual i think. the christmas party was fun though - free booze all night!

and i noticed a definite lack of presence of the keeks on the net over the weekend... and you're right, if the ozone layer wasn't stuffed before; it is now.