27 April 2008

Dear Dotski,

I miss you. Not just as my housemate, but as my friend as well.

I miss talking to you in my ineloquent way about different things, and you understanding and being able to help put my thoughts in order. I miss our stupid in-jokes which i'm mostly forgetting (lucky we've got the time machine which is this blog!). I miss not having to go out on the weekend to spend time with a friend. I miss the familiarity, comfort (when the heating was working) and style of our (your?) house.

Generally speaking, i haven't really been homesick at all since leaving home. I do have occasional pangs, but i do miss you and all the funnies.

Love Marsy


Mex said...

awwww you two are so cute!

kiki said...

or gay

i can't decide

sublime-ation said...

I know what you mean. I have one housemate I ADORE. The rest are just ok. I only see him about twice a week and every time it is like the sickening reunion of long lost besties.

As there are some people you aren't meant to live with, there are some people, very few of them, that you are...

dot said...


I larf you too.

Mars said...

you're larffing at me?!!!!!!!! but i wuv wuuuuuuuuu!