14 April 2008

How nice; Australia's most redundant job has been filled. Despite having what i would have called, a boy's name, early opinion seems to be that Quentin Bryce is quite 'perfect' for the job. I wouldn't know, i've never heard of her despite the fact that she appears to have been warming a similar seat up in Queensland (surprise surprise) for quite some time.

Anyhoo, while this appointment is yet another 'step in the right direction' for Australia and women in general, in that we now have a woman Deputy PM (not to mention, ginger!), and we're getting a woman GG... i can't help but feel a bit cynical about the whole scenario. Particularly after the appointment of Julie Bishop as Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party, shortly after their shattering defeat last November, in some sort of a thinly veiled attempt to modernise (or whatever) their profile.

No doubt these woman are all well qualified, but it just looks to me as though Mr Butter-wouldn't-melt PM has added another couple of points to his score-board. Let's just hope she doesn't go all 'Kerr' on him.

Maybe i'm having an off day...*

* still love you though Kev... you too, Jules. And Q, i'm sure we'll be the best of friends in no time at all.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dot and Mars,

I'm afraid that not having heard of Quentin Bryce shows your ignorance. She has been head of Women's College at the University of Sydney and the Sex Discrimination Commissioner. She is someone who gets down and does the job and doesn't go around publishing herself.


Mars said...

WE ARE VICTORIAN. nor do we profess to know everything. or anything really, for that matter.

kiki said...

"head of Women's College at the University of Sydney and the Sex Discrimination Commissioner."

no wonder nobody has heard of her!

dot said...

'doesn't go around publishing herself'

sounds like this woman needs a blog.

sublime-ation said...

You two made crikey, yeah.

(it's been a long time between drinks* over there)

*drinks here equals the sum of blogs that I actually wanna read.

Mars said...

i saw we'd made crikey... and then wished that i'd written a better post. bah!

will try harder next time.

sublime-ation said...


Don't turn into some boring columnist who thinks they are a blogger.

That ain't blogging.