12 April 2008

Yesterday the charming rogue Seth Hunter* visited the community. He runs one of the tour companies that visits Arnhem Land regularly during the dry season. He must run it quite well too, because his mode of arrival was a privately chartered helicopter. It landed right next to the art centre and was pretty cool. Seth then picked up a local tour guide and headed east for a promotional photo shoot for some crazy decadent coffee table book. When they came back to the art centre in the afternoon Seth told me how another project of his is running celebrity 'outback adventures'. He reckons he'll be bringing Nicholas Cage out to Arnhem Land soon. So, helicopters, coffee table books, and Nicolas Cage. Not what I expected to find coming to live in a remote Aboriginal comminuty... Although, my question is: why does it alway seem to be white people reaping the rewards of this country and culture?


Saturday morning an artist came knocking at my door. He had finished a painting and wanted to sell it to me. Now. It was a great painting, but I had to give my Saturday spiel, 'It's a great painting, but I haven't got any money, bring it to the art centre on Monday...' He wasn't happy. He wanted to be paid so he would have money to go to the club that evening for a drink. Obviously I wasn't obligated to give him money, but I really wanted to. However, I managed to stay tough and just kept repeating myself, 'Good painting, no money, see you Monday.' Eventually the artist left. He looked so sad. And annoyingly, I felt so bad! Why do I feel guilty for not giving an alcoholic my own money so he can buy a drink? I should feel guilty when I do pay him at the art centre. But it doesn't work like that. And that's the magic of humbug!

After work on Thursday I practiced my driving. I'm getting pretty good with driving a manual. And it's a real test driving around this town, avoiding camp dogs and people and giant car-swallowing holes. And at one point there was a giant pink pig in the middle of the road. But I missed it. Then as I turned back towards home, all these kids started running in front of the car. They are screaming and laughing. It was hilarious. They were so cute! But then, when I drove past the group, one of the kids yelled out, 'Bobo, you fucking cunts!' Charmed.

* All names obviously changed by me.


kiki said...

"All names obviously changed by me"

even nicholas cage?
does this mean it's really some d-grade celebtrity like richard greico?

Mars said...

he makes a good point

dot said...

yes, by Nicholas Cage I really meant that annoying bunny girl from Big Brother.

sublime-ation said...

(b)ah, humbug.

That is the sucky side. At least he didn't grab your boobs.