03 January 2008


My friend, Aphrodite (who happens to be Kiki's girlfriend) came over tonight. She was banging on about this band that he wanted her to get to know cause they're going to see them or something. Anyway, for ages, i thought they were called Babe Ruth. Swears, that's exactly what it sounded like when she said it.

Anyway, she comes over and i put it in the computer to listen.

'Would you like to load this CD into your ITunes Music Library?' pops up. Sure, i think... why not.

So the damn thing starts loading, my computer decides to do it's melt-down thing, causing me to scream, swear and threaten to chuck the fucking cunting thing out the fucking cunting window ETC. We get talking, and she has like 3 or 4 other CD's that i really want to copy and listen to.

Babe Ruth is taking ages to load, and she gets a call from her sister and she's gotta go...

SO... i missed out on all the good shit, and now have this BERUIT shit loaded onto my computer.



kiki said...

Beirut is the most beautiful music you could ever come across.
she only has "gulag orkestar" but wait till you hear the new album "the flying cup club"

Zach Condon is a musical genius

kiki said...

oh yeah, and you probably couldn't understand her because of her ethnicity, but don't hold that against her, k?