20 January 2008

Mars: on London (10 days in...)

7Up... omg, 7Up!
The people i'm staying with
The shopping baskets at Sainsbury's that you pull along like a suitcase on wheels
The heaters against the walls in every single room (even the bathroom!)
The fact that i haven't had to wait longer than 5 minutes for a tube yet (that is; if it's actually coming, of course)
Galaxy chocolate
East Enders
If there's not a pub on every corner, there's at least an Offy

The 'water'... BLUGH, tastes like mud
Buses and the stinky people on them
Canceled trains
The HEAT on the trains especially when you've got your coat, scarf etc. on
Rain and/or drizzle
I'm staying in the East, which is a bit like living out in Broady...
Signs which say '"St Jame's Park" or "St James's Park"
Barsts who don't give me jobs that i want

The jury's still out on...
Prawn crackers are white, not pink (yet no less addictive)
My air-bed
Big Brother UK
Original Mel


jiminycricket said...

I'm going to agree on all counts.

Except East Enders. That's terrible Mars...
How funny is it that people get shitty when they have to wait 5 mins for a train, when if you were back in Aus a 5 minute wait for a train is cause for celebration. Especially if you're dodging knives whilst waiting for the Craigieburn line in Broady.

Mex said...

do you mean 7up the drink? or 7up the series by michael apted? we just watched 49 up not long ago. such fascinating viewing!

Mars said...

JC... east enders is not terrible! those are my people you're talking about ;) and it's nice to know that you think OMel is a bit suss too... haha.

O HAI mexie! i mean 7Up the drink. swears it's different and SOOOOOOOO much better than at home, over here. though, now you mention it... i remember watching 7Up and 14Up and 21Up at uni. i knew there was a new one out recently (like in the last year or so) and wanted to see it, but i wanted to watch all the others again first. anyway... long story... couldn't find the others anywhere, so didn't watch any in the end. booo. missing you and your one line emails! xo

Pomgirl said...

Dish the dirt, Mars! What's OMel rilly like?

Mars said...

i've said it before, and i'll say it again... she's just like me, only way better!

Pomgirl said...

Aw, I wanted you to fight. Michael Knight always fought the evil Michael Knight. Next you will be telling me neither of you is evil!

D'Jen said...

Mountain Dew tastes better in
Korea than it does in Oz, we must get all the shitty, watered down versions down here or something.

I'm glad your Likes list is longer than the Dislikes one, that's the main thing :) I love you for loving Pimms.

Femikneesm said...

White prawn crackers? I am intrigued.

jiminycricket said...

The prawn crackers are white over here because like everyone, the prawns don't get any sun.
A man of science told me so.

Mex said...

my one line emails? humpf!

Aussie Rock Chick said...

It's cool to be clear.